Who is H.I.P.? Summer 2018.


New Beginnings Series from 2017.

New Beginnings: Heroes and Villains

Life as an indentured servant is over. John Cleburne must build his own life after the end of the bloody rebellion in seventeenth-century Virginia. With his Master and so many others gone, John has to become his own man, find a wife, and make a livelihood in the devastated colony. In the years to come there will be many struggles, joys, and paralyzing heart breaks. The heroes and villains in John’s life are not always other people.


For the beginning of John Cleburne’s story, read New Beginnings: A New Home

America’s first populist rebellion sweeps a young apprentice from England into a maelstrom in seventeenth-century Virginia.  John Cleburne is an apprentice for a furniture craftsman in Bristol, England who seeks a better life in Virginia.  A long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean ends in a shipwreck on the North Carolina coast and a difficult overland journey to Jamestown.  Here the apprentices soon become indentured servants and begin the backbreaking work of tobacco farming in a formidable frontier surrounded by native tribes, both friendly and unfriendly.  They right away become acquainted with the Royal Governor’s corrupt administration and the brewing revolt among the colonists resentful of the favoritism and dishonesty threatening the colony’s existence.


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